If you have information on Territorial User Rights Fisheries from your field sites, you’ll find this initiative by the DiscoverTURFs team at UCSB interesting – please contribute if you can!

DiscoverTURFs is working to create a comprehensive and centralized database for Territorial Use Rights Fisheries (TURFs) worldwide, and we need your help. If you have information about a small-scale fishery that classifies as a TURF, please follow the link below to take our survey. Then, we will send you $5 simply for completing it!

DiscoverTURFs Survey:

This survey should take less than 30 minutes to complete. Please note that you will need to create a SeaSketch account to access the survey. Both English and Spanish versions are available.

Not sure if a fishery classifies as a TURF?  

If there is a boundary and only certain users are given exclusive access to fish within that boundary, it’s a TURF.


Not only will we send you $5, you will have access to all the information gathered through this survey. We will also put you in the running to win one of two prizes! Winners will be announced in November 2013.

o   Win full registration fee coverage for one person to the 2014 World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress in Merida, Mexico September 21-25, 2014. An over $300 value. For details please visit

o   Win a $100 cash prize

More about DiscoverTURFs

Created by a group of master’s students at the University of California, Santa Barbara, DiscoverTURFs is currently conducting a survey about TURFs. Ultimately, the information gathered through the survey will be used to create an interactive map with information about individual TURFs around the world. The map will be free and available to everyone. Visit to learn how you can help develop an online community that fosters learning and communication to help improve fisheries management around the world.

We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you to create an online community to help small fishing communities everywhere.


The DiscoverTURFs Team


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  1. rev kelvin says:

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    I am inquiring if you could supply us with VIVA TURFS,if possible kindly advise us your inventories with regards to styles you do,meanwhile,we are looking at the TURFS.
    NB:Please advise as soon as posible.

    Please advise


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