We’re resuming our monthly meetings, starting with two fantastic speakers.  Last month, Jack Kittinger  at the Center for Ocean Solutions presented some of his research in his talk, Exploring Social-Ecological Interactions in Hawaiian Coral Reefs:Implications for Managing Towards Sustainability.  This was our first joint meeting with the Coral Club, and we hope to have more!

Today, Catalina Lopez will be joining us to present about the vaquita conservation situation, particularly related to the recently-passed norm regulating switch-out of fishing gear in the artisanal shrimp fisheries to reduce vaquita bycatch; Catalina has been involved in vaquita conservation for several years, and we’re excited to hear her experiences and perspectives.  This meeting will mainly feature discussions on approaches to mitigating the bycatch of vaquita, as related to small-scale fisheries management.  We will be Skyping in two scientists from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Barb Taylor and Sarah Mesnick.  Looking forward to it!


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